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Wholesale Roses in Sleeves

roses for recitals, fundraising and resturants, bouquets for delivery
Shipping Included, Select Colors, Leather Leaf, Baby's Breath, Plastic Sleeve.
Price: $110.95

Stems & Count:

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Color Options (see text detail for restrictions):

Basic Shipping Included.
Each bouquet includes  Long Stem Roses, Baby's Breath and Leather Leaf arranged in an attractive plastic sleeve.

Great for fundraising, recitals and restaurants. Bouquets are an excellent way to raise money at your organizations next dance, ballet or music recital. They arrive fresh, beautiful, and ready to sell right from of the box. For long lasting roses make sure to place them in water as soon as possible. These beautiful arrangements will be sure to delight, while also raising much needed funds for your organization.

Valentines: The "All Red" selection is not available for orders delivered between 2/5 and 2/15.
Mother's Day: The "All Pink"selection is not available the week before Mother's Day (between 5/3 and 5/7 in 2016)
PINK ROSES will vary (sometimes daily) from a light dirty pink to a darker pink to an almost neon pink, and all shades in between, there is no PMS color matching or selecting of shade of pink.

These will be very popular at Valentine's (Jr. class projects to raise money for prom or Band projects for new uniforms...) and Mother's Day (restaurants, churches and such)  we suggest you order them well in advance of major flower holidays (Valentine's & Mother's Day) and if we get overwhelmed with last minute orders our suppliers may not be able to meet the demand.

You have a choice of choosing the color of the Roses:
Choosing "Red" means that all the bouquets will use red roses (not available for deliveries Valentine's week).
Choosing "Assorted" means that your package of bouquets will have 1/2 bouquets of red roses and 1/2 bouquets of roses colored other than red.
Choosing "Pink" means all the bouquets will use pink roses. (not available the week of Mother's Day)
Choosing "Non-Red" means that no red roses will be used.

We suggest you place your order at least 7 business days before the delivery date , except before Mother's Day or Valentine's in which case we recommend the order be placed weeks ahead of time.  All of our recital flowers are made with premium long stem roses, arrive individually wrapped, and ready to sell out of the box. They should be put in water for the longest lasting roses possible.

How the roses arrive, well packed

 How they arrive: packed tight to protect them in transit.
Your roses will last longest when put in water

Roses will stay fresh longer if put in water soon after they arrive.
An assorted version of the 6 rose bouquets

 An example of the Assorted version of the 6 rose bouquets.

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Why Us?
Other companies charge large surcharges for Valentines strawberry shipments No Holiday surcharges
Other companies charge rush feesNo rush fees
Other companies charge rush feesTrue gourmet quality
our fresh strawberries are never frozen Fresh, never pre-dipped
our fresh strawberries are never frozen Fresher strawberries
we use true chocolate with cocoa butter, most companies cant say thatTrue chocolate not swizzle
Our strawberries are shipped with planned one day service, other use slower multi day ground shipmentsShipped overnight nationwide
While a set of shoes can travel by slower methods, when you spend more than one day in transit the quality goes downSlow shipping is not fresh
the faster the fresher the strawberry Faster shipping is fresh
We never charge care or handling surcharges No "care" surcharges
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