Shipping Help

Simplest Version:
If you are in the colored section of the map your shipping may be in our extreme discount shipping area*(* some delivery options may be more).

For everyone else we ship nationwide using overnight air. It is highly discounted and subsidized. The further away you are and the bigger the shipment the more it will cost to ship it overnight. Alaska & Hawaii are very expensive (and each order will be manually reviewed for approval), but for most other states the overnight rate is reasonable.

Please note that other companies use "express" that is not the same as "overnight" as "express can be 2-3 days and result in berries that are not fresh.

More details below.

Local one day ground area

We want our perishable products to arrive fresh. Our strawberries are always sent with overnight service. This higher level service lets your gift arrive freshest, and has an excellant percentage of on time delivery. 

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