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Spring and Easter chocolate covered strawberries
Classic chocolate covered strawberries
Wholesale chocolate covered strawberries
Colorful and specialty chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries For Birthdays and Occasions
Romantic Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Patriotic Flag chocolate covered strawberries
Formal Tux and Bride Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fresh, hand dipped, chocolate covered strawberries delivered overnight nationwide. We decorate the chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day and many other Holidays.  For Occasions we have strawberries decorated for weddings, birthdays, graduations, new babies and many more. We even have romantically decorated chocolate covered strawberries (it can’t hurt).

To make the best chocolate covered strawberries you need to start with fresh strawberries and use true rich chocolate, with cocoa butter.  No exceptions, no strawberry is dipped in fake chocolate. We don’t even use fake chocolate to decorate them.

Fresher is better, we don’t irradiate, treat them with preservatives, exotic gasses or strip the leaves to make them look fresh. Fresher is never pre-dipped and sitting in a refrigerator days ahead of time. Fresher never spends days in the back of a truck.

We use the better planned overnight service for delivery because the strawberries are fresher that way. It is never cheap or free, but we do get a significant discount on overnight rates and pass those savings onto you. We don’t make any money on shipping. We actually subsidize almost every shipment.  When someone looks for cheap nationwide shipping on extremely perishable products (like strawberries) they are looking for a unicorn, and what they find is not going to be what they are promised.

Multi day shipment are not tier one, not fresh, and disappoint far too often. Some of our competitors dip days ahead of time and deliver with multi day service: that is never fresher. Chances are you have seen their TV ads or mailings.

Making and delivering chocolate covered strawberries correctly is never cheap, or free, but we would rather help you make them at home correctly rather than have you serve or give old, fake, chocolate covered strawberries. In our blog we even tell you how to temper chocolate correctly so you can make your own chocolate covered strawberries and recipes for other treats.