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Earn chocolate covered strawberries with referrals
To earn Berry Rewards through referrals you'll first need to know your user ID Number (customer number).

  • If you are a new user, your User ID was in the registration email that was sent when you registered. (you can register by clicking on "My Account" and selecting "Sign up now")
  • If you are an existing customer just look on your "My Account" page.

In the samples below "1234" is used in place of your User ID, you will need to replace the "1234" with your User ID

The User ID can be used to earn Berry Rewards by referring friends with URLs like:

The "?af=1234" can be added to most URLs  (except those with a "#" or during checkout), but always test it before you share it.

You can also have them enter your User ID in the "how did you hear about us" field but that is not needed when they use a URL with the User ID tracking code.

For every customer (except yourself or people at the same address) that places an order you'll get Berry Rewards points.