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wholesale chocolate covered strawberries delivered 1. Wholesale Strawberries Dozens (42349)
Minimum 4 dozen You select the chocolate types
Fresh undecorated chocolate covered strawberries 2. Chocolate Strawberries (38213)
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One dozen fresh berries
red and green drizzle christmas chocolate covered strawberries 3. Christmas Classic Strawberries (26287)
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Happy Birthday delivered Chocolate Covered Strawberries 4. Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries (25566)
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Milk, White and Dark Chocolate
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Privacy Policy We value your privacy and will not sell or rent your contact information, nor will we give it to any party that does not need it to complete your order.

For security reasons we do not store any part of the numerical information on your credit card. This means we cannot “add things” or upgrade your order after you go through checkout. If you need to change your order after it has been placed we may need to send you a PayPal invoice to complete the change. (No PayPal account is needed). We will never ask you to send us your credit card information in an email.

During the normal process of filling your order some of the information (the shipping address & phone number) needs to be shared with the shipping company. For example: FedEx cannot deliver the package unless we tell them where it has to go.

Of course we need to send your credit card, billing and shipping address to the bank in order to have them approve your order.  Without that information the bank would decline your charge.