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Undecorated chocolate covered strawberries 1. Chocolate Strawberries (31622)
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One dozen
wholesale chocolate covered strawberries delivered 2. Wholesale Strawberries Dozens (30389)
Minimum 4 dozen You select the chocolate types
rose bouquets for recitals delivered fresh in the USA 3. Wholesale Roses in Sleeves (23754)
Select 12, 6, 3 or 1 Rose
Shipping Included
Starting at $109
Happy Birthday delivered Chocolate Covered Strawberries 4. Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries (18921)
Your selection of true
Milk, White and Dark Chocolate
Why CCBerries is better and fresher

No Holiday fees:

We never charge you special fees for a Holiday, others charge up to $14.99

No rush fees:

We never charge a rush fee.

True chocolate, not swizzle:

We dip and decorate with true chocolate, others have used various forms of chocolate flavored coating, some of it is not even legally allowed to be called chocolate flavored, in those cases they use the non-protected words like “chocolatey”.

Shipped overnight nationwide:

All of our berry products are shipped with planned one day service. We’ve seen that some of our competitors are letting their berries spend many days in the back of trucks. It is foolish to think that overnight service should be cheap or free, that slower method of shipping is not meant for perishable products.

Faster shipping is fresher:

Natural strawberries are very perishable, the less time they spend in transit the fresher they will be. We always ship with the more expensive planned one day service because we want your gift to be fresh.