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One dozen fresh berries
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Valentine's Day Special Site Florida & Ga Zip Codes

This delivery option is only for Valentine's Day, on select products
and only for selected zip codes in Florida and southern Georgia

Only the special cheesecake stuffed berries & product made at the 2nd site will be available for this special rate, everything else is coming from a separate site. click to see products

Delivery is still available to other locations/states but because of the distance (and the need to keep things fresh) overnight air will be used.
This shipping rate is for the one day ground shipments, not the overnight air shipments.

Discount delivery zone for Florida and Georgia for Valentines Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We deliver nationwide,
This is the local area ground map for Valentine's Day deliveries from our temporary second manufacturing site. The map gives you a general idea. We are still waiting for complete details from the Carriers and will update this page as warranted.

What is definitely not covered:
The Florida Keys, all the way from Key Largo to Key West, these will have to go by air.
Islands without a bridge, these always need to be checked manually
West of Tallahassee (it looks like nothing west of the National Forest, sorry Destin & PCB you'll have to go by air)
What appears to be ok:
All the big cites, Miami, FTL, Orlando, Tampa, St Pete, Jax, Tallahassee.. even Gainesville. We are still waiting on the carrier to see if there are any exclusions, till that happens we'll be manually checking every order as it comes in.

Just the area that borders Florida
Zip codes starting with 315, 316 & 317
We'll update this if any cities in those zip codes are not covered.