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Valentine's Day Delivery Suggestions
Valentines Suggestions

Retail Strawberries and floral:
2/14 is one of the busiest delivery days, things will go wrong but most will be delivered on time..
The carriers will get more packages than they can handle and there will be few re-delivery attempts.

  • When possible choose a 2/13 delivery date, better a day early than late.
  • When possible use a business address that will be staffed. Salons and businesses that don’t open before 10AM will result in failed shipments.
  • Businesses that close early or for lunch will have failed shipments.
  • Especially with ground (one day ground area) avoid 2/14 as a delivery date.
  • Boston ground deliveries have the worst on time delivery percentages for us, we do not recommend it.
  • Afraid they will get stolen? (see Special suggestion below)
  • Apartment complexes are notoriously insecure, if no one is home and the driver thinks the package will be stolen: they will not leave it unattended.
  • Special suggestion for apartment & home deliveries where no one will be home: FedEx offers a service to hold packages at pre-arranged locations.  FedEx Office sites, 7,500 Walgreens locations and select Albertson and Kroger stores. Go to, choose locations on the top menu, enter the zip code, and then under the “I want to”, then  “More” select “hold at locations”.  Use one of the addresses provided, and make sure to include "hold for" as part of the name field ("Hold for Pat Smith..").  Packages are much more secure this way.
  • Schools:
    • Grade and Elementary schools: not all schools allow deliveries for students, check with the school.
    • Universities: Each school is different, most have a central mail room run by students. If the mail room staff does not show up on time or the driver shows up before the mail room opens the packages may be delayed. This is one of the busiest delivery days, the mail room may not have the same FedEx/UPS drivers and they may show up any time after 8AM. If you are at the school make sure to remind the mail room manager of this. 
    • Always let them know a perishable package is coming, the mail room may not call or text...

Wholesale (all):
  • If you need them earlier in the day than FedEx normally delivers: consider having them held at the FedEx station. The station is where the trucks are dispatched from. Normally packages hit the station before 7AM while each stations public hours are different you can call FedEx and find out the stations address for your area. If you use some other address (like a FedEx Office store), they may not be delivered to that location till very late in the day: you must use a “station” not some other drop off/pickup location.

Wholesale Floral and Roses:

  • When the product is marked as coming direct from the farms ask our helpdesk to manually change the delivery date to Monday. Normally this option is not available, because of the huge number of flights bringing Valentine’s flowers in from South America it is an option just for this week.

Wholesale Strawberries:
  • Bring them in 2/13 and store them in commercial refrigeration (not residential without bagging). 
  • When possible bag them up for moisture control.

Retail Chocolate Covered Valentines Strawberries
Wholesale chocolate covered valentines strawberries
Valentines Floral Delivery
Wholesale roses, roses in sleeves for Valentines