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True chocolate is said to have some health benefits, we will leave that to the experts. We only dip and decorate with true chocolate. Many fake chocolates use partially hydrogenated vegetable oils instead of rich cocoa butter. The federal government is set to ban the use of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, and take it off the “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) list in 2018. That means the government thinks that partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are now considered unhealthy and has given the companies till 2018 to remove it from current products.

We have always dipped in true Mike, White and Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate, it tastes better than the fake stuff used by most of our competitors, and appears to be healthier.


We only ship our strawberries with planned overnight methods. Strawberries don’t get fresher when they spend days in the back of a truck. We fly our strawberries around the country so that they arrive fresh. Flying packages nationwide is not free or cheap.

  Just because someone “thinks” shipping a perishable product should be free or cheap does not make it right or true. These are not shoes, these are products that can melt or rot.

What other companies do to try to make them appear to last during multiday deliveries is something we would never do.


Our customers don’t want chocolate covered strawberries soaked in preservatives, subjected to radiation or frozen: they want them to be fresh, at their peak, and made with the best ingredients. Fresher is smarter and healthier.

We strive for the SMARTER customers that know that fresh strawberries and real chocolate are what all chocolate covered strawberries should be.

Our smarter customers know that cheaper food is not what they want to give as a gift.  Cheaper food is not the same thing as good. Slower, cheap shipping is also not the best way to keep something fresh.

Our smarter customers know that product quality comes first, and a cheap product is something completely different than what someone expects.