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The truth behind the cheap chocolate covered strawberries
Simplest version of how we differ:

We don't cut corners.
  • Better Ingredients: Like fresh whole strawberries & true rich chocolate
  • Better Delivery: Our strawberries use overnight service
  • Better Ethics: No Easy Saver Scam, no anti-Christian or anti-family
  • Fresh chocolate strawberries overnight nationwide, them, not so much
  • No foreign ties, donations or ownership
You know our competitors, just not what they really have been up to.

Short version
See an ad?
Chances it's from one of these three groups:
Group 1 companies (operate under many names):  Fake chocolate, not fresh, days in the back of a truck, Easy Saver Scam, false advertising, false labeling....

Group two companies (operate under at least 2 names): Attempted to discriminate against Christian store owners, changing the existing agreement to force them to work Sundays while Muslim store owners were given off Fridays. Attempted to get a Pakistani divorce without any notice, child support or division of assets. Of course there is worse Listed Here

Group three companies:
Some famous companies are no longer based or owned by who the public thinks. One very famous company is no longer based in Belgium but now owned by a conglomerate in Turkey. While foreign ownership is not always a bad thing, it does mean profits are going to countries that may not have your best interests at heart.

About us:
We always use true chocolate and ship our fruit with planned overnight service. Fresher is always better.

Religious discrimination of any type is not the American way. If you give days off to one group, you give similar to other religions: if you don't understand why then you don't get one of the most basic concepts of this country.

We try to make all of our ads and product descriptions as factual as possible, they may not be flashy but they are as truthful as we can make them when character count or space are limiting factors.

Much longer version

See an ad for really cheap chocolate covered strawberries?
Nationwide radio host pushing a special sale on chocolate covered strawberries?
Don't bet on it. Here is the truth behind those discount strawberries.
(please share and let the world know what is really going on)


First: They don't always dip in real Milk, White or Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate, the fake stuff is a whole lot cheaper than real chocolate.

Second: They don't use the same grade of fruit. From the customer complaints on their Facebook page: the customers are not getting the pretty fruit in the pictures, instead they are getting tiny, leafless, machine dipped lumps. It's a lot cheaper than the hand dipped premium fruit advertised. To see many sample pictures Click Here

Third: Their ousted founder has said they are now being dipped days ahead of time and shipped with two day delivery service, that is not what anyone would call fresh.

Fourth: Surcharges, special charges for Holidays, more surcharges if it has to ship today, more surcharges per order, and no total or shipping until after you have entered your credit card.

Fifth: Credit card security, two major class action lawsuits by former customers who said they were unknowingly signed up for monthly charges from a third party under the guise of fake "Free shipping" (major hint: why would FedEx or UPS ship something for free?)

Sixth: Ethics, they actually got caught running fraudulent ads saying other companies were sold out for Valentines Day.

Seventh: Even with the central companies name, they sell under many changing names, all of the best know names involved were bought by the parent company of FTD™ in December of 2014.  They advertise on TV, in mailers, and with paid radio hosts. If you do a search on the web a good number of the "companies" listed are really different arms of the same group. See a Shopping TV channel selling them? Chances are it's the same people.

Eighth: Customer complaints on their Twitter Facebook pages have shown that they have outsourced their call centers to other countries, some of their customers are saying it's in the Philippines, others in India. Either way there were many reports of customers not being able to understand the phone service reps or having "no clue".

Some of their names: Shari's Berries™(™), ProFlowers™, Cherry Moon Farms™, Silver Spoon Sweets™.... ... all now owned by the same people that own FTD™. (Which has since been bought by 1-800-Flowers
) It's really sad to see when someone figures out that one arm of the conglomerate lied to them and that customer then says they will order from another arm of the same company.

Other companies?
  • Like the other ones that are not using real chocolate?

  • The one sending money to Islamic Republic of Pakistan  or
  • the one whose parent company is really in Republic of Turkey .
  • The one who donated to a charity organizations with ties to terrorist organizations?
  • The Muslim owner who retroactively changed the franchise rules to give Muslim store owners Friday off but Christians could not take Sunday off. The same founder left his US based family seeking a quickie divorce in Pakistan without notice to his wife, or dealing with child support, spousal support or division of assets.  (The US courts made him go through the US process and follow US laws but did not charge him with bigamy.)

The names of the various companies (and their web sites) are the trademarks and intellectual property of the various companies.