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wholesale chocolate covered strawberries delivered 1. Wholesale Strawberries Dozens (41644)
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Fresh undecorated chocolate covered strawberries 2. Chocolate Strawberries (37889)
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One dozen fresh berries
red and green drizzle christmas chocolate covered strawberries 3. Christmas Classic Strawberries (25924)
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Happy Birthday delivered Chocolate Covered Strawberries 4. Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries (25102)
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Milk, White and Dark Chocolate
The best chocolate covered strawberries
You want the best:

The BEST is true chocolate with cocoa butter.
The BEST is overnight delivery.

Doing things right is not cheap, when you look for cheap you are NOT going to get the best ingredients or the freshest delivery.

We use only the BEST ingredients and always overnight delivery for our perishable gifts.

How they fool you.

First they cut corners by not using real chocolate, an ingredient in one type of fake chocolate was banned by the FDA and is no longer considered safe. The ban was pre-announced years in advance, everybody had time to clean up their products. We verified they were still using that banned ingredient one month before the cutoff date. Apparently their profits mean more than your safety.

Next they cut corners by using strawberries stripped of their leaves and machine coating them. The website pictures do not show this, it is buried in the product description.

They have also admitted to pre-dipping them and pulling from inventory.

Cheap Shipping: (AKA not fresh)
Packages that spend more than one day in transit are not as fresh. How they are sent is hidden, they are using several methods to do this.

  1. They call it “Express”, express is a service level that is not the same as overnight. Two and three day delivery is a whole lot cheaper, but not fresher.
  2. They say “Delivered by local florist”, that gives the impression they were made locally but that may not be true at all. Florists can’t make food, just the bugs on the flowers would prevent that. Did they just spend days in the back of a truck? Who made them? Where? How long ago? Shipping them to a local florist hides the tracking and age of the strawberries. 
  3. Trucked to regional hubs within the two day area, then given to a national carrier.

Do you want to do it right OR
get fake chocolate and old berries ?