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Smarter shipping discount for Chocolate Strawberries
We don't charge a $10 Holiday surcharge, and this great deal will save you another $14 compared to what others charge.

We want people to ship smarter for Valentine’s Day (and every day). All of our berry products are very perishable, so the less time they spend with the carriers (FedEx/UPS) the better.

The higher the service level  the less problems there are,   

For this reason we created the coupon code “SMARTER” , for a free upgrade from Basic to Priority Overnight.

What does this get you?
  1. Our competitors charge over $14 for this upgrade.
  2. For most of the country it means delivery before noon
  3. Less problems, these packages are delivered first on busy days
  4. For extreme rural areas it is the only level of service available

When does it not apply?
  1. Phone orders
  2. Non-Chocolate items (retail flowers are already sent Priority Overnight)
  3. If you don’t select Basic during checkout
  4. Local ground methods of shipping
  5. Approximate date items (non-berry chocolate items).
  6. Multi month packages
  7. With any other coupon codes  

This offer is not limited to just Valentine ’s Day deliveries, we are doing a long term test to see if it cuts down on peak shipping day problems.

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Fresh hand dipped Valentine's chocolate covered strawberries delivered