Side Items For Strawberries

Sample pictures of some of our over 20 side items, when a side items is not listed on the product, you can always select it from the gold menu bar selection "Sides".

Chocolate Dipped Cookies
Cookies hand dipped in true chocolate.

Chocolate chip cookies, hand dipped in true Milk, White or Dark chocolate
Chocolate Dipped Classic Oreos
Oreos dipped in true chocolate.

A crown favorite Oreos dipped in true Dark, Milk or white chocolate and drizzled in even more chocolate.
Chocolate Dipped Fancy Oeros
Decorated Oreos dipped in Chocolate

Dipped in true Milk, White or Dark chocolate, and topped in various gourmet toppings.
Chocolate Covered Fancy Cupcakes

Fancy decorated Cupcakes.

Mini cupcakes whose top has been covered in chocolate and then decorated with toppings or more chocolate drizzle.
XOX Cake Pops
Decorated Cake Pops

Decorated cake pops hand dipped in milk, white or dark chocolate and when possible decorated for each occasion.
Chocolate topped Cheesecakes

Mini Cheesecakes covered in chocolate

Mini cheesecakes topped in true chocolate.
Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn & Nuts

Popcorn & Nuts Drizzled in chocolate

Popcorn & nuts drizzled in true chocolate
Sea Salt Oreos

Caramel,Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Oreos

Caramel topped Oreos covered in chocolate and  sprinkled with sea salt.
Decorated Mini-Pretzels

Decorated Mini Pretzels

Mini pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and decorated with various toppings.
Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Classic Graham Crackers

Graham crackers each dipped in true milk, white or dark chocolate and drizzled in even more chocolate
Decoated & Classic Chocolate COvered Graham Crackers

Classic & Decorated Graham Crackers

A mixture classic and decorated chocolate covered graham crackers.

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