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Wholesale Mothers Day Strawberries
Price: $51.26
Now: $37.65
You Save: $13.61 (27%)

Saturday Delivery No ; Yes ~ (+ $15.00)
Chocolate types for strawberries Milk, White & Dark ; Milk ; Dark ; White ; Dark & Milk
Number of Dozen 4 Dozen (minimum) ~ (+ $112.95); 6 Dozen ~ (+ $188.25); 8 Dozen ~ (+ $263.55); 10 Dozen ~ (+ $330.66); 12 Dozen ~ (+ $414.15)
True Chocolate Strawberries, Decorated for Mom with spring colors

Weight: 6 lb
Initial pricing is per dozen.
(yes our Easter and Spring decorations are the same as for Mother's day.. it's because they are so pretty)

This is a wholesale priced item, no special signup is needed but a minimum purchase of 4 dozen is needed.

Four dozen and up of our fresh chocolate covered strawberries, perfect for big events or as separate gifts of one dozen strawberries.

A CCBerries exclusive, you get to select the chocolate types.

Each dozen is packed in it's own gift box.


Wholesale Mother's Day chocolate covered strawberries
Wholesale Mother's Day chocolate covered strawberries