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#1 Admin Strawberries & Cookies
Price: $49.95

Chocolate Non Valentines This product is not available around the Valentine's Day Holiday
Saturday Delivery No; Yes ~ (+ $15.00)
Chocolate types for strawberries Milk, White & Dark ; All Milk ; All Dark ; All White ; Milk and Dark
Strawberry & Cookie Counts 6 Strawberries, 6 Dipped Cookies(Included) ; 12 Strawberries, 12 Dipped Cookies(Upgrade)
Fresh strawberries, Decorated for Admin, Drizzled or Fancy, Dipped cookies.

Weight: 5 lb

Show how special they are to you with our fresh chocolate covered strawberries & large dipped chocolate chip cookies.  You Admin will remember forever..

Two strawberries will be decorated for a "#1 Admin".

To ensure freshness your berries will be dipped, decorated and shipped the day before and delivered with overnight service.