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Wholesale Valentine's Strawberries
Price: $51.26
Now: $37.65
You Save: $13.61 (27%)

Saturday Delivery No ; Yes ~ (+ $15.00)
Chocolate types for strawberries Milk, White & Dark ; Milk ; Dark ; White
Number of Dozen 4 Dozen (minimum) ~ (+ $112.95); 6 Dozen ~ (+ $188.25); 8 Dozen ~ (+ $263.55); 10 Dozen ~ (+ $330.66); 12 Dozen ~ (+ $414.15)
Wholesale pricing, Order in advance, Initial pricing is per dozen,

Weight: 6 lb

This is a wholesale priced product, to ensure availability you should order at least one week in advance, but most days we can handle the larger orders

Four dozen and up of our fresh Valentine's chocolate covered strawberries, the strawberries will be decorated with our special red tinted, white chocolate, Valentine's drizzle and packed in one dozen boxes. Since it is packed in separate one dozen boxes it can be used for one event or as separate gifts. Because it's Valentines some berries might even have other Valentines themed decorations (no extra charge).

A minimum order of four dozen berries is required for the discount per dozen price shown.

Large, fresh never frozen strawberries hand dipped in true gourmet chocolate.

This wholesale product should be ordered in advance to ensure availability.