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Custom Printed Artwork

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Number of colors One Color ~ (+ $130.00); Two Colors ~ (+ $185.00); Three Colors ~ (+ $241.00); Four Colors ~ (+ $276.50)
Large print run of your custom images or words to be used on strawberries at a later date.

Suitable for only the most upscale personal or corporate events, custom images require the creation of special screens for printing and the cleaning of the equipment between color changes, a very time consuming and labor intensive procedure.

This product is used to order your custom images or words for later use on our Strawberries.  You are not purchasing strawberries, only the custom setup and printing. No discounts/coupons are allowed on this product.

This is just the printing of the images, you are not committing to any amount of future purchases.

A print run can have more than one image or saying and has a shelf life of over a year. The images do not all have to be used at once, the easiest way to think of them is as business cards. You print them up all at once and then use them as needed.

Each print run produces over 1,500 images (the exact number will depend on the size and shape of the image), partial print runs are not allowed.

The artwork used for the image must be at least 300 DPI, with no halftoning, shading or dithering. Logo's pulled from your corporate web pages are not sutiable for printing, the dpi is too low.

The lead time for this product is two weeks (10 business days).

After you have purchased the print run our helpdesk will email you for the artwork. This product is not eligble for any discounts.