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Mardi Gras Chocolate Strawberries
Price: $53.95

Chocolate Mardi Gras Berries Chocolate Mardi Gras Berries
Saturday Delivery No ; Yes ~ (+ $16.00)
Strawberry Count (Upgrades) 12 Fancy Strawberries (Included) ; 24 Fancy Strawberries (Special Deal) ~ (+ $32.15)
Chocolate types Milk, White and Dark Chocolate ; Milk Chocolate ; Dark Chocolate ; White Chocolate
Chocolate Strawberries, Decorated for Mardi Gras, Available after Valentines, Fat Tuesday is February 16th 2021

Weight: 5 lb
Mardi Gras 2021
Fat Tuesday is February 16th 2021,
This is a seasonal product; for 2021 we only accept orders for Mardi Gras themed products with delivery dates
after Valentines .  You can enter your order before that time frame.

Our beautifully decorated fresh chocolate covered strawberries, custom decorated for Mardi Gras with drizzle & beads and all hand dipped in your selection of chocolate types. We dip daily using true gourmet chocolate.