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Wholesale Formal Strawberries
Price: $55.95
Now: $39.65
You Save: $16.30 (29%)

Saturday Delivery No ; Yes ~ (+ $15.00)
Decoration Style Bride & Groom ; All Groom ; All Bride
Number of Dozen 4 Dozen (minimum) ~ (+ $118.95); 6 Dozen ~ (+ $198.25); 8 Dozen ~ (+ $277.55)
Weddings, formal events, Large strawberries, Pure chocolate, Delivered nationwide, Wholesale pricing, Initial price is per dozen.

Weight: 6 lb
Initial pricing is per dozen.

This is a wholesale priced item, no special signup is needed but a minimum purchase of 4 dozen is needed.

Our large "Formal" chocolate covered strawberries, also known as "Bride and Groom" Berries.

This selection is packed in one dozen boxes so you may use them at one event or as  separate gifts.

All of our strawberries are dipped in true gourmet chocolate the day they are shipped for next day delivery. Overnight delivery makes sure the berries are at their peak freshness when they arrive.