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Email Gift Certificate
(Quickest Delivery)

Gift certificates emailed same day for quickest delivery
Sent by Email, Same day delivery. (We will ignore the date selected in the delivery calendar for Christmas 2016)
Gift Card Note: (sign your card) help on gift cards
* 150 letters allowed, one card per shipment, no smileys

Dollar Amount:

EMail Address:



Delivery Date:
Saturday Delivery:

For Christmas 2016 we will send you a copy of the gift certificate within a few hours (ignoring the delivery calendar.. it's too rough to create a separate calendar just for this) , you can send it to the recipient when needed or print it out yourself.

We are ignoring the delivery calendar for Christmas.

Want to send a gift but never know when the recipient is going to be home?

A little behind on shopping and need something to arrive today?

Our emailed gift certificates are a wonderful way to get around those problems.

Do not use discount coupons to purchase Gift Certificates, if you do we will reduce the Gift Certificate amount by that amount.

The "Email address" is the email address is of the person who you want this sent to. The "From" field is your name, to "To" field is the name (or group) of the person(s) you are sending it to. If you are sending to 10 different email addresses you will need to add each to your cart separately.

Use: Add the Gift Certificate code in the coupon code field just after you press  "Add to Cart"

Restrictions: Valid online at only

Expiration: Gift Certificates automatically expire five years from date of issue.

Special note: (applies to all gift certificates): Gift certificates are applied before the shipping total is calculated. This means that you may have to pay for shipping  to complete the online order. If a balance is still available on the gift certificate we will reverse the shipping charges that can be covered by the remaining balance on the gift certificate and reduce the balance on the gift certificate by the same amount.
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Why Us?

Other companies charge large surcharges for Valentines strawberry shipments No holiday surcharges
Other companies charge rush feesNo rush fees
our fresh strawberries are never frozen Fresh strawberries never frozen
we use true chocolate with cocoa butter, most companies cant say thatTrue chocolate not swizzle
Our strawberries are shipped with planned one day service, other use slower multi day ground shipmentsShipped overnight nationwide
While a set of shoes can travel by slower methods, when you spend more than one day in transit the quality goes downCheap shipping is too slow
the faster the fresher the strawberry Faster shipping is fresher
We never charge care or handling surcharges No "care" surcharges

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