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Ladybug Chocolate Strawberries

hand dipped ladybug chocolate covered strawberries for spring
Chocolate strawberries, decorated as ladybugs, with sprinkles and drizzle
Seasonal - Spring
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Seasonal - Spring
One Dozen of our fresh chocolate covered strawberries, decorated for spring as ladybugs, with sprinkles or drizzle.

We always dip in true chocolate the day they are shipped, even the pink is just tinted chocolate.

In order to maintain freshness all of our strawberries are dipped, decorated and shipped the same day. We also use the higher overnight levels of service, this make our strawberries days fresher than the nationally advertised chocolate strawberries. 

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Why Us?

Other companies charge large surcharges for Valentines strawberry shipments No Short cuts
Other companies charge large surcharges for Valentines strawberry shipments No Holiday surcharges
Other companies charge rush feesNo rush fees
Other companies charge rush feesTrue gourmet quality
our fresh strawberries are never frozen Fresh, never pre-dipped
our fresh strawberries are never frozen Fresher strawberries
we use true chocolate with cocoa butter, most companies cant say thatTrue chocolate not swizzle
Our strawberries are shipped with planned one day service, other use slower multi day ground shipmentsShipped overnight nationwide
While a set of shoes can travel by slower methods, when you spend more than one day in transit the quality goes downSlow shipping is not fresh
the faster the fresher the strawberry Faster shipping is fresh
We never charge care or handling surcharges No "care" surcharges
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