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Minimum 4 dozen You select the chocolate types
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One dozen fresh berries
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Milk, White and Dark Chocolate
Election Berries Info
A special note to election committees, PACs and such.

You’re going to ask “will you donate”… Sorry no, we are giving the same answer to all parties.

The following are simulations to give you an idea of what is possible.
The source images to make this simulation came from each party's website.
Both sample images would require 3 color printing.
In the samples below we would normally print the dark blue & dark red using a slightly
lighter color so that it would work better with dark chocolate.

Trump 2020 chocolate Covered Strawberry

Democrat 2020 Chocolate Covered Strawberry Simulation

To help things go smoothly and cut costs  we can suggest a few things:

Starting things off:

  1. The strawberries are a different type of product than most of you have dealt with before, they are very perishable, mistreating them can put people at risk. Ask us the right way to handle them, we are the real experts on what will work and what is a bad idea.
  2. It is also something that most customers have never received before: true chocolate with your logo, it will make a major impact & not be forgotten.
  3. This is a product for the VIPs and as VIP thank you gifts.
  4. Have the national party get us their artwork & don’t do a minimal run (1500 images for strawberries, much less for Oreos). With just three images per box that is only 500 boxes, getting multiple runs done at the same time is about 50% less expensive when done at the same time.  That way the berries/Oreos will be available to all campaigns, (national, state & local). A print run can have more than one image, possibilities include a normal one with your logo & a thank you version.
  5. If you are not the national office make sure you get their permission to use the logos and ask if they can be offered up for retail sales. We don’t pay royalties, either you want the retail voters to see the option or not.
  6. Let us know if you want the national artwork available for retail sales or limited to only a semi hidden link that you tell your national, state and local campaigns about it.
  7. If you are going to do special artwork for each smaller national election (Example: senate seat), combine them into combined print runs, it cuts the cost.
  8. We don’t take checks directly, we’re not set up for it, and nothing ships till it has been paid for. There are other options, contact our helpdesk for details.
  9. It takes about a month to order up, print and let the artwork set up to the point where we can cut up the sheets to use, order these early. The artwork can be used for chocolate covered oreo ® use but in that case the printing density is significantly lower, let us know ahead of time
  10.  Types of gifts with artwork,
    1. Obviously the strawberries, normal shipments are one dozen, but when we use the wholesale level pricing we can ship half dozen boxes. (Minimum of 4 half dozen going to the same address.)
    2. For a less perishable product with a logo we suggest the Oreo gift boxes like below and we can swap out some of the stock items for Oreos with your logo.
      Chocolate covered oreos with your logo
    Thank You gifts & individual shipments

  1. We accept orders online or by spreadsheet (ask our help desk for the spreadsheet used for mass orders)
  2. Many of the rich and famous have a standard fake name that they use, or route all packages through their manager/admin. Check with them about the best way to get them a perishable package. They may be on the move, so see where they will be on a Tuesday- Friday. Saturday deliveries are more expensive.  These are not packages that can sit in a manager’s office for a few days, you want it to go to where they are without a delay of any type.
  3. Make sure the address you sent them to is suitable for a perishable package, while they may route their normal mail to a PO box, that is not how you want a perishable package derived  (and USPS post office boxes don’t accept packages from USP or FedEx.)
  4. If you want us to use your UPS or FedEx labels they must be in PDF format,
    • Strawberries: within our one day ground area for UPS, or standard overnight/Priority overnight for UPS or FedEx. FedEx changed how their ground area deliveries work and a guaranteed delivery date is rougher now & we are avoiding using them. (No USPS or DHL)
    • Oreos (or other not as perishable items): It depends on the weather during winter, except for places like the Keys or Miami (always hot) we can use multi day delivery. Overnight is still better & has a much lower chance of something going wrong.
  5. Security is tight around government buildings, ask for the best way to make sure they are delivered without delay. 

    Conventions, events, rallies:
  1. If you are doing a big event: get the strawberries in commercial refrigeration as soon as possible, if you need to save space get pizza boxes so you can pack them tightly (ask our helpdesk for the best way to make them last longest after you place your order).
  2. For events we strongly suggest not putting the artwork on every strawberry, it just does not look best, and it will be much more expensive to do it that way. 3 per dozen is a good mix, and then your parties primary color or your primary colors mixed with our supreme berries for the rest. They look better that way. The group that printed the artwork can set this as a rule for others use.
  3. Parting gifts, when doing mass shipments to one event you can also use our ½ dozen boxes and Oreos gifts, but remember strawberries need refrigeration and Oreos need to be protected from heat sources (we remind people of this because we once did a pre-Emmys event & the people running it thought it would be OK to put everything under a tree when it was 90 degrees out).
  4. Other special colored drizzle: only when you are doing 10 dozen or more in a single order, while it may be “fun” to want rainbow colors in a box, things get complicated when orders go too far off the menu.

  5. Off menu single shipments: 
  1. Some periods are locked down and no off menu selections will be offered.
    • The last two weeks before Christmas
    • The week before and after Valentine’s Day
    • The week before and after Mother’s Day 
    • During the above periods if it is seen in the online store (even on your private link) you can order it, but there will be no changing those pre-defined boxes.


  1. No customer data will be shared with any political party, PAC or any other third party other than what is needed by the banks and carriers.…

  2. Marketing and Dirty Tricks:
  1. If your party/canidate wants to subsidize retail shipments (or a specific product) we’ll allow it, $500 increments, pre-paid , only products with your logo or your parties colors can be subsidized.The product description will include a note that it is subsidized. (just not to what percent)
  2. If a candidate wants to pre-subsidize a discount to their just their voters a discount code can be provided.
  3. We’ll allow the national parties (or the candidate who paid for the artwork for non-presidential races) to include a very short note in the online product descriptions. The message will have to come from an email with the party’s/candidates domain. The note will be clearly marked with a statement of who wanted it included.
  4. If you want to pay for specialty/Holiday artwork such as “Merry Christmas vote..”, "Happy Valentine’s vote..”  that is fine, it will be listed on the political page with the other offerings if you want it available for retail sales.
  5. Exclusive Combos: 6 strawberries and (cookies, cheesecake pops. cake pops, cherries, chocolate chip cookies, or  Oreos..) can be activated for your artwork at $500 a pop, then they will appear on the political page and the other party will be blocked from having a similar style box.  (exclusive to your party)
  6. Depending on party & candidate response we may separate the various types of elections under the main page, when possible we’ll try to have the products balanced at the top of each section, red/blue/red/blue…(or visa versa)
  7. Keep it clean and non-threatening, remember our logo is going out on the shipment, artwork and gift card message should not be anything that would trigger a hate speech charge or Secret Service attention.