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Examples of what someone else really shipped

The following pictures were taken by our competitors customers.
They granted us permission so you could avoid making the same mistake. 

Leafless berries (machine dipped), inconsistent size.
Review picture of Shari's Berries

The following is a screen grab of what she got versus what she ordered. No leaves, tiny berries, very disappointed. Notice the inconsistent fruit size.
Shari's Berries compair, ad versus delivered

Another customer picture, again no leaves, very inconstant fruit size. The melting and breakage was probably due to two day shipping & the fruit damaged before it was shipped. (it was probably bad before they dipped it)
Customer picture of Shari's Berries failure

More inconsistent fruit size, so small they are able to jump from the trays wells. Still no leaves.
Tiny berries from Shari's Berries

More tiny leafless berries.
more tiny berries from Shari's Berries

and even more tiny leafless berries,
more tiny leafless Shari's Berries

how tiny are they willing to ship? more tiny leafless berries
Customer review of Shari's Berries strawberries

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