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wholesale chocolate covered strawberries delivered 1. Wholesale Strawberries Dozens (31395)
Minimum 4 dozen You select the chocolate types
Happy Birthday delivered Chocolate Covered Strawberries 2. Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries (19331)
Your selection of true
Milk, White and Dark Chocolate
red and green drizzle christmas chocolate covered strawberries 3. Christmas Chocolate Strawberries (18909)
Christmas Classic
Over 30 side item selections
hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries for spring & Easter 4. Spring Strawberries (18374)
True Chocolate for Spring
Fresh Strawberries
Optional Side Items
Seasonal - Spring
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Clearly the product delivered did not match the pictures on their web page.

Our charges:
  • Standard delivery: included to 19.95
  • We don’t charge a care and handling charge.
  • We don’t charge Holiday surcharges.
  • Saturday delivery surcharge is between free and $15.00
  • We don’t do Monday deliveries (not fresh)
  • We don’t charge rush charges.
  • We don’t ship leafless berries with multi day methods.
  • We ship the largest freshest berries with planned overnight methods.
  • Our test shipment from them was sent with a multi-day method.
  • Ours are fresher and made with real chocolate.

Want more? Here is the ingredients list to match the shipment.

That is not milk chocolate or dark chocolate or white chocolate

There are no "palm kernel, partially hydrogenated palm & soybean oils" in real milk chocolate, white chocolate or semi-sweet (dark) chocolate. Real chocolate is not "flavored" it just is. Real chocolate has cocoa butter not oils.

Want more? Proof of planned multi-day shipping (not as fresh)

We ordered our test shipment well in advance to prove that they are using planned multi-day shipping and not overnight methods, It arrived on time but took several days to get there.

shari's slow shipping means not as fresh

How can a planned multi-day shipment be fresh? (it was not)

If everyone knew the above, leafless berries, not real chocolate, not fresh, no one would ever send them as a gift if they actually liked the person.

This product is also sold by ProFlowers© and©, which have a common parent company: FTD Companies©

Some images/logos/screen shots are copyright or registered trademarks of Shari’s Berries© or it’s parent FTD Companies©.