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Current discount and coupon codes
All coupon codes must be entered at the first step of checkout (just after you press add to cart) , they can not be added at a later date or time, they can not be combined. Coupon codes are never valid on phone or email orders, and can not be used with gift certificates.
Real chocolate and premium strawberries are never cheap, if you are searching for cheap strawberries expect the following:
  1. They will not be made with real chocolate.
  2. They will have a ton of surcharges at checkout.
  3. They are the people behind the easy saver scam.
  4. They don't always have leaves: not premium fruit.

We don't dip in fake chocolate or use cheap leafless strawberries, they just don't meet our higher standards.

Order up to 6 months in advance.
Use the discount code on the "thank you" page for other orders placed today
Shipping is the same for 1/2 dozen strawberries as it is for one dozen
See pre-discounted products ,
 no coupons needed

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Site Wide
Every 4+ dozen chocolate covered strawberry product has an automatic  discount over four 1 dozen boxes.
Coupon Code: (none needed it's automatic)
Expires: none

Shipping of two dozen strawberries to one location is much less than two separate shipments.

Save big
All of our wholesale strawberries and roses can be split up to make separate gifts.  Wholesale strawberries even come in one dozen boxes.
Ordering Berries?
Add the coupon code "SMARTER"  for a free upgrade from Basic Overnight to Priority Overnight.
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The Saturday surcharge for chocolate deliveries in the local delivery area is removed during checkout (unless you need AM delivery).  That is a $15 savings.

Special Offer

White Chocolate Strawberries

delivered gourmet white chocolate covered strawberries
Price: $34.29
Now: $26.76
True white chocolate


Milk Chocolate Strawberries

delivered gourmet milk chocolate covered strawberries
Price: $33.26
Now: $26.76

Dark Chocolate Cherries

Cherries covered in Dark Chocolate
Price: $45.25
Now: $30.22

Chocolate Covered Raspberries

Dipped Chocolate Raspberries Delivered
Price: $45.25
Now: $30.22

Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Delivered Chocolate dipped Blueberries
Price: $45.25
Now: $30.22

Classic Chocolate Covered Oreos

Oreos covered in milk, white or dark chocolate
Price: $35.95
Now: $25.95

Fancy Chocolate Covered Oreos

fancy toppings chocolate covered oreos
Price: $39.95
Now: $27.95

Dark Chocolate Strawberries

delivered gourmet dark chocolate covered strawberries
Price: $33.26
Now: $26.76

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Covered Oreos

National delivery of Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate covered Oreos
Price: $39.69
Now: $27.72
Build your own combo


Chocolate Strawberries

delivered large gourmet chocolate covered strawberries
Price: $33.26
Now: $26.76