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Celebration Chocolate Covered Strawberry 6 Berry Combo

Celebration chocolate covered strawberry combo
celebration chocolate covered strawberry combo Celebration chocolate coveres strawberries you pick the side item Celebration chocolate covered strawberries and cake pops celebration chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake pops celebration chocolate covered strawberries and dark cherries celebration chocolate covered strawberries and dipped cookies celebration chocolate covered strawberries and dipped oreo cookies celebrations chocolate covered strawberry combo celebration chocolate covered strawberries and dipped pretzels
6 Celebration strawberries
You pick the side item
Price: $55.95
Points Price: 78.33
Berry Reward Points: 6.27
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Pick your side item (required):
6 dipped chocolate chip cookies
6 dipped cake pops
6 dipped cheesecake pops
6 dipped oreo cookies
6 dipped pretzels
12 dark chocolate Maraschino cherries

Delivery Date:
Saturday Delivery:
One half dozen(6) fresh celebration chocolate strawberries with your selection of a gourmet side item. Better ingredients (like true chocolate) alway make a better gift.

Our fresh chocolate covered strawberries are hand dipped in our true gourmet chocolate and decorated with our celebration drizzle (tinted white chocolate) and colorful decorations. All strawberries are dipped the same day they ship .

Chocolate melts during the warm summer months and strawberries are always very perishable so this product ships using our discount overnight shipping method, (a 60+% savings over the list FedEx/UPS overnight rates).

Testimonials & reviews may have been edited for length, spelling, grammar, all were from people who had either sent or received our gourmet chocolate covered strawberries.
It was all fantastic! ( wholesale Chocolate Covered Strawberries  and Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Cookies )
On time. Delicious, all of our guests raved about them
Within budget
Thank you!
Elissa H, Westwood, MA 5 Stars

OMG thank you thank you!
This is exactly what I was expecting.
Shannon A, Lehighton, PA 5

Company contacted me to make sure my present got to my kids on time - top notch!
Virgie P, New Market, VA 5

Review from Atlanta Georgia by Edward
-Edward E.,  Atlanta, Georgia 5

I always buy from you guys for special occasions, I love the job you do with everything I have ever ordered, Thank You! ..
-Maria M.,  Baltimore, Maryland 5

... My strawberries just arrived and ate a dark chocolate strawberry! Omg they are fantastic! Will definitely order again and I will spread the word!!! Thank you again for all your help with my first order. ..
-Susie M.,  Naples, Florida 5

... The strawberries arrived in perfect condition and were a big hit with everyone! ... a perfect order, a perfect Saturday delivery, followed up by great taste. Made it a perfect Easter. Thanks very much for your help and I look forward to ordering from CCBerries in the future...
-Corky B. , North Granby, Connecticut 5

Thanks for delivering to Alaska.  It's hard to find and being deployed makes sending something special even harder.  It is nice to be able to do business with folks when I'm half way around the world.
-Robert T., Deployed Overseas 5

Best Strawberries Ever ...
I just had surgery and received a box of strawberries from my in-laws. I must tell you that your berries could be the best I've ever tasted. The berries are sweet and the chocolate was delicious !!!!! I know my kids will want to taste them when they come home from school, but there may not be any left by then... :)
I will most certainly recommend your company!!!
-Michael N. , Boca Raton, Florida 5

..Thank you for looking out for me. It's one of the reasons I use your company...
-Mike S. , Houston, Texas 5

Oh my god!!! Best chocolate covered.....everything i have ever had! Thank you so so so so so much.
-Janelle M , Smyrna, Georgia 5

I use you every time I send chocolate covered strawberries. I have ALWAYS been satisfied with your service. . Thank you.
-Brian S. , Bear, Delaware 5

They (cheesecakes) were a hit, as were the strawberries. Thank you.
-Bruce S. , Marietta, Georgia 5

Past in-store customer & now online shopper. My granddaughter, Kelsey, LOVES your chocolate covered strawberries (as we all do). Her Papa and I first brought her into your store to buy her a birthday treat several years ago. She's been receiving them ever since from us on her New Years Eve Day birthday. Thank you for helping make her birthdays special with your wonderfully delicious product.
-Robin M. , Marietta, Georgia 5

I'd like to say thank you for the wonderful service. My friend loved the strawberries! She said they were beautiful and delicious and tasted very fresh! I'm happy to have found your website and I'm sure I'll use your company again soon. In fact, the next person I treat is going to be ME!
-Cinda L. , Lexington, South Carolina 5

... I will tell you this was our first order and we loved them. Just ordered 4 dozen for my wife's birthday party....
-Jeff B., Phoenix, Arizona 5

I have used your company now for the 4th time and your products are absolutely excellent!
-Mike P., Grawn MI 5

I just wanted to thank you for your great service. It was a birthday present, and the recipient said they were the most wonderful strawberries ever. Thanks again. I will recommend you to everyone.
-Mary H., Coeur D Alene, Idaho 5

Thanks for the information regarding how other companies cheat the public. I had no idea they were not using real chocolate.
-Doug T., Hedgesville, West Virginia 5

My daughter got the strawberries today and I cannot tell you how impressed she was with your company. She said the strawberries were HUGE and that the chocolate was delicious! ...this put SUCH a big smile on her face. I look forward to using you frequently in the future and recommending you to all my friends. Thank you.
-Joyce F. 5

... a great experience. I ordered the strawberries and truffles for my Mother-in-law for her birthday and she said they were fantastic, fresh and delicious.Thank you for making this surprise birthday gift a wonderful experience.
-Christine C., Taunton, Massachusetts  5

thank you so much for the strawberries, they were the best!
-Libby B. Denver, Colorado  5

You have the best strawberries ever...
-Samantha & David B  5

We ordered from CCBerries for my son's wedding. The strawberries were fantastic and like nothing our guests had ever seen. Each berry was dipped in chocolate and painted with the words "I love you" and they were delicious, almost too pretty and unique to eat.
-Suzy W 5
All arrived and in great condition. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you SO VERY MUCH .... I am so appreciative. .... Out the door to cater a party!
-Katherine M, Maine  5

I order from you guys all the time you guys are wonderful
-Denise P.

We both thank you for making Valentine's a special day when we are so far apart. Thank you again.
-K. D., deployed in Iraq  5

I just wanted to thank you for the best looking and tasting chocolate covered strawberries I have ever received. I really appreciate the time and quality the company obviously puts into the product. I will definitely be ordering more and encouraging others to do so as well.
-Celina C., Winston Salem, North Carolina 5

....I have sent them on several occasions.  The recipients them,,,
Michele E., Mechanicsville, Maryland 5

...I send them as a gift every year, with good results...
Stephanie U.,   New York, New York 5

... Absolutely fresh and delicious....
Amy F., Tucson, Arizona 5

...a co-worker received them from her boss and they were delicious!...
Pam O.,  Auburn, Massachusetts 5
 Stars husband loved them!
Aimee A., Tamarac, Florida 5

...They are really delicious....
Christy   Las Vegas, Nevada   5

Reviews & testimonials may have been edited for length, spelling, grammar, all were from people who had either sent or received our gourmet chocolate covered strawberries. 

DELICIOUS,  I was so surprised to have the owner personally call me when the delivery issue happened (a FedEx delay)—that is great customer service.
Tina W, Boerne, TX

These strawberries (are so) good, so beautiful, well made
Anne B, Facebook

They were perfect. Thanks so much. You guys are great
Tonie L., Chads Ford PA

Thank you ... She .. was extremely happy.
Deirdre W., Brooklyn NY

The strawberries and chocolates are beautiful and delicious! Thank you very much. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Elizabeth U., Coral Gables Florida

I just wanted to say a great BIG thank you…..The chocolate dipped strawberries that I sent to my Valentine were incredibly beautiful, amazingly delicious and SO, so appreciated.
Thank you for everything! I plan to order from you a LOT in the future and am already telling all of my friends and co-workers to do the same!
Debi H. Charleston, South Carolina

I really do enjoy CCBerries! My mom first found them when I was a freshman in college and sent them to me to help me study for finals. Now, four years later, we still buy them at least once a year. They are unbeatable :)
Jenn K, Evanston, Illinois 
... beautiful presentation...
Al N. Miami Florida 
Outstanding! Will be placing more orders soon.
Nathan M. Marietta, Georgia

The berries were great! My husband loved having his picture on them, and it was quite the surprise.
Shelly C. Atlanta, Georgia

The berries were wonderful!
Pam C. Lynn Massachusetts

I finally got the chance to try one. They were beautiful.
Kim B. Lynn Massachusetts 
I just wanted to let you know that my family enjoyed our first order of your chocolate covered strawberries last week - that initial medium box was for us to try. This large box you just shipped is a gift to my co-workers in the office, and now I'm sure they will love them.
I've been a customer of Shari's Berries for a long time, first ordering from them back around 2000. ... I must say your chocolate tastes better. So I'm glad I decided to search around online for a different company to try and that I ended up giving your company a try.
Amy L, Iowa City, Iowa 
oh wow - these look great, I have already goobled down one - dark chocolate - very very yummy!!!!very nice job
Sherri R. Roseville California 
The Berries were delicious. the adults enjoyed them so much that they ate them all, and got the little children chocolate bars. thanks again.
My daughters raved about them and will be sending them to their friends for gifts. The boy's spouses are also going to use the berries as gifts.
J. O. , Ohio 
It was one of the hits of the party. They were delicious. I will let you know when I need more. Hopefully sooon!!!!
Mario A. Atlanta Georgia 
Everyone was impressed with what we received and I passed out your web site... so I hope you see more than just an order from me.... The berries are beautiful and so delicious. You provide a delicious and gorgeous product!!!
Susan M

They were great!
Ann E. Atlanta Georgia

they are delicious!
Yvette O. Marietta Georgia

They tasted them and flipped. Your product is such a great quality...I was very very impressed.
Robin S. Atlanta Georgia<

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Other companies charge large surcharges for Valentines strawberry shipments No Holiday surcharges
Other companies charge rush feesNo rush fees
Other companies charge rush feesTrue gourmet quality
our fresh strawberries are never frozen Fresh, never pre-dipped
our fresh strawberries are never frozen Fresher strawberries
we use true chocolate with cocoa butter, most companies cant say thatTrue chocolate not swizzle
Our strawberries are shipped with planned one day service, other use slower multi day ground shipmentsShipped overnight nationwide
While a set of shoes can travel by slower methods, when you spend more than one day in transit the quality goes downSlow shipping is not fresh
the faster the fresher the strawberry Faster shipping is fresh
We never charge care or handling surcharges No "care" surcharges
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