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CCBerries continues to be open for business, there has been only one delay as a result of the increased load on the carriers (so far).

6/1/2020: Simply put: Until the riots end and the carriers catch up on the lower levels of service (Standard overnight & ground) any order not sent with Priority Overnight will have no guarantee.

5/29 update: The carriers (and the news) have been reporting delays in delivery in select areas, these seem to be packages delivered by the slower methods (Ground & multi day rather than Next Day Air/Priority Overnight).

The carriers have removed their service guarantees, so we still have to pay even if they do not deliver on time. Standard overnight delivery estimates have been pushed back to 9PM in some places (and that is still not guaranteed by them) .

We have asked what areas are behind several times, with no reply.

Priority Overnight shipments seem to be getting delivered on time, in fact we upgraded many shipments (at our cost) this past week & all were delivered on time. Over this coming weekend we'll be changing the checkout system to reflect this & add that standard overnight shipments and ground shipments will have an adjusted warranty.

We produce food, that is an essential business according to the regulations.

Our deliveries are by the nationwide carriers(UPS/FedEx) also an essential business.

We are still shipping the fresh true chocolate strawberries
overnight nationwide that our discriminating customers have come to expect.

We have changed our daily cutoff to allow a smaller on site staff (the rest are working remotely) to do an extreme deep clean nightly. 11:50AM is the new cutoff for things that ship today.

We could go into a long, involved, detailed list of everything we’ve done to change our procedures, our staff training, and distancing but it’s nothing you have not read a dozen times by now.

Changes were made to the checkout system to collect the recipients email address in case things change.  The recipients email address will not be mandatory & will not be used for anything else & only one person has access to it.

Thanks for your support,