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Testimonials may have been edited for length, spelling, grammar, all were from people who had either sent or received our gourmet chocolate covered strawberries. 

Great company!
Valentines Chocolate covered Strawberries & Cherries
Great company! Great customer service! Saved a bundle on Valentine's Day by shopping with instead of Shari's Berries! (Sharri's wanted to charge $100 in shipping - crazy!!)
  Charles C, New York, NY Rating:5  5 Stars February 9th 2019

Didn't Abort mission
Spring Chocolate Covered Strawberries
The order process was smooth.

There was difficulty (on google maps) with the address I submitted. A CCBerries member called me,  however I missed the call, and then they called the recipient to sort out the issue. I was so thankful they didn't abort mission!

Recipient said they were tasty! I will use CCBerries again in the future... Brittany B, Kalispell, MO Rating:5  5 Stars

much appreciated
Chocolate covered strawberries and Oreos
thank you for your speedy response ... It is very much appreciated.. (he) speaks so highly of your products ..
Geveda P, Lawrenceville, GA Rating:5  5 Stars

Chocolate covered strawberries in Milk Chocolate
Thank you so much! They were delicious!
Latricia H., Mableton, GA Rating:4  4 Stars from Facebook

Valentines Thank You
Valentines Chocolate Strawberries & Cheesecakes
I've been ordering from you for a couple of years. Thank you!
Jennifer B., Austin, TX Rating:5  5 Stars

Hi! My mom got some of your strawberries recently and they were the best I have every had. They were so good .....
-Daniel C., Elk Grove, California. 5 Stars

The order arrived as promised and in excellent condition...were excellent and he enjoyed them very much.
-Eleanor S., Allentown Pennsylvania. 5 Stars

The berries are fabulous! I think I'm going to order some for my mother in law for Mother's Day.
-Sally G., Duluth Georgia.  5 Stars

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for all your help in getting the package to the ladies in Santa Fe.... I was on the phone with them (mother and daughter) when the strawberries arrived I can not express all praise for your Strawberries. On a second note, I want to thank for all you help and concern in getting them there. It nice to know “service” is still alive and well.
-Tex E., Edgewater CO. 5 Stars

sooo yummy!! i actually shared them with my fiance and (volleyball) partner and they loved them too! huge strawberries..... i had the one with sprinkles i think! cant remember but soo good! :)
-Paige D., San Diego, California  5 Stars

I order from you guys all the time you guys are wonderful...
-Denise P. 5 Stars

I just wanted to thank you for the best looking and tasting chocolate covered strawberries I have ever received. I really appreciate the time and quality the company obviously puts into the product. I will definitely be ordering more and encouraging others to do so as well.
-Celina C. 5 Stars

We both thank you for making Valentine's a special day when we are so far apart.
-Kila K. W. 5 Stars

I recently ordered your berries to be shipped to Savannah as a birthday treat for my daughter. She said they are very attractive and the most delicious she has ever had. Thank you!
-Debora B. 5 Stars

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful product. My girlfriend loved them. Thanks
-Sam M. 5 Stars

They were delivered on time and look wonderful!!! I have been so very pleased with your store! Thanks again! you have made one mother's day...another should be receiving her order any minute! Thank you!
-Christina F. 5 Stars

Thank you! I am very pleased with your exceptional customer service :)
-Michele K. 5 Stars

My dad got them and has loved everyone he's eaten so far. Thank you so much!!! Many people are asking where I got them since I received such great customer service! Thanks again!!!
-Karen S. Lake Mary, Florida 5 Stars

... They were spectacular! ... they were a big hit with everyone there...
-Ron S. Atlanta, Georgia 5 Stars

I just wanted to say I ordered 1/2 dozen cc strawberries for a good friend and she said they were wonderful!! Thank you very much!
-Georgene D. Winchester, Kentucky 5 Stars

I ordered a dozen mixed milk and white chocolate strawberries and they were heaven. Keep up the great work!! You'll be seeing me again.
-Kasita, Duluth, Georgia 5 Stars

... I love them!
-LaToya R., Marietta, Georgia  4 Stars

they were big, juicy, and flat out delicious....
-Cassie S., Bridgeport, Connecticut 5 Stars

...always receive compliments...
-Vince P., Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey 5 Stars

.. I am a loyal customer....
-Disney S., Pensacola, Florida 5 Stars

-Carol F.,  Naperville, Illinois 5 Stars