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St Petersburg Local Pickup

St Petersburg, Florida
Valentine's 2022

The St Petersburg location does not ship, does not deliver.
Pickup side will be very close to MLK and Gandy.
It is only going to be available on February 13th (Sunday) and February 14th (Monday, Valentine's Day).

While originally we only planned to ship from our main site, the owner has some free time.

Packaging types available:

Small Gloss pink gift box.
  • Holds 6 full sized strawberries (with tray), 8 to 10 random sized berries (no tray), and various combinations of berries and side items
Red bakery gable style bakery box.
  • Holds one dozen full sized strawberries many more random sized strawberries.
  • Holds 1/2 dozen strawberries and up to 4 side items
Beautiful Red Heart box
  • Holds 7 large strawberries with the tray, holds 12 large strawberries without the tray.
  • The red heart comes in a larger over-pack box (making it square and stackable) 
  • With there being empty space in the over-pack box many side items can be added.
Bakery Trays:
  • Size of the tray depends on the size of the order
  • Right Now these can only be ordered by phone
  • The items for the tray will be in the boxes listed above (keep things from sliding around during transport)
(pics for box styles)

Valentine's St Petersburg Florida Gabel BoxDeli TraySt Petersburg Heart box for ValentinesMedium Valetines strawberry box

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