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St. Pat's Apple & Strawberry Gift Set

St. Pat's chocolate covered caramel apple plus chocolate dipped Strawberries
True Chocolate Strawberries, Decorated for St. Patrick's Day, Covered in gourmet chocolate, Rich caramel apple
Price: $52.72
This product is not available around the Valentine's Day Holiday
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Chocolate types for strawberries:

Strawberry & Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple Count:
6 Strawberries, 1 Apple(Included)
12 Strawberries, 3 Apples(Upgrade) ~ (+ $51.78)

Apple Decoration Style:

Apple Chocolate Type:

Delivery Date:
Saturday Delivery
Our beautifully decorated large chocolate covered strawberries. Custom decorated for St. Patrick's Day with the artwork, and or special green drizzle. (Green drizzle is not chocolate)

You get to select the chocolate types for both the strawberries and the chocolate covered caramel apple. The apple is a large granny smith, with your selection of toppings, first dipped in rich thick caramel then true gourmet chocolate.
Special images will appear on 2 strawberries in the half dozen version.
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