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Massive 36 inch Christmas Wreath
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SKU: 48ls-WWCW30

36 Inches across,
Fresh Maine balsam
Weatherproof red bow.
over-the-door hanger
Made in Maine

massive 36 balsam christmas wreath with pinecones for delivery
Massive 36 inch Christmas Wreath
Online Price: $89.99

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Massive 36 inch Christmas Wreath

This extra large wreath ships as an over-sized shipment, FedEx and UPS charge a surcharge for over-sized deliveries, a good portion of the shipping for this item is the surcharge due to it's size.

This balsam wreath will bring the fragrance of fresh Maine balsam & the holidays into your home. Thick and full, holiday wreath with its traditional holiday scheme. Each Christmas wreath contains six and a half pounds of premium, live Maine balsam greens, true pine-cones, faux holly berries and red crab apples with a hand-tied, weatherproof, red bow. This is the larger version of the classic 24 and 30 inch wreaths. This and all of our Christmas wreaths are made in Maine.

Approximately 36" in outside diameter. (the largest we sell)

This wreath ships by FedEx ground. It will arrive in 3 - 5 business days after shipment.

Balsam products start shipping the week following Thanksgiving, orders placed before Thanksgiving will start shipping 12/1.

Not available in Alaska or Hawaii.
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