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Delivered Chocolate Covered Strawberries,  Caramel Apples, Raspberries, Bananas and Roses

Red & Green 
chocolate covered strawberries
Christmas Chocolate 
Christmas white roses and chocolate covered strawberries
Fresh Christmas Wreaths and Trees Delivered Nationwide
Red & Green Berries
Red & Green Chocolate 
StrawberriesMerry Christmas
Merry Christmas Chocolate Covered StrawberriesBerry & Rose Combo
Chocolate covered strawberry and Christmas Rose combowreaths,garlands,trees
Balsam Christmas Wreaths and Trees Delivered

Fall decorated 
chocolate covered strawberries
Milk Chocolate 
White Chocolate 
Dark Chocolate 
Fall Strawberries
Fall Chocolate 
StrawberriesAll Milk ChocolateMilk Chocolate Covered StrawberriesAll White Chocolate
White Chocolate 

Covered Strawberries DeliveredAll Dark Chocolate
Delivered Dark Chocolate Covered  Strawberries

Roses - B-Color and Fire and Ice
Delivered Pastel Roses
Yellow and White Roses
Multi Color Roses
Fire & Ice + Bi Color Delivered RosesPastel
Nationwide delivered pastel rosesWhite & Yellow
Yellow and White Long Stem Roses Delivered NationwideMulti-Color
Multi Colored Roses Delivered
classic chocolate covered strawberries dipped in your selection of
 milk, white or dark chocolate and delivered nationwide
chocolate covered strawberries delivered for birthdays

Classic Chocolate Covered Strawberries
You select the chocolate types.
Chocolate Covered Undecorated Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Undecorated Strawberries

Drizzled or Fancy for Birthdays
 Your selection of Milk, White or Dark Chocolate
Chocolate  Covered Birthday Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries Delivered for Birthday Parties

Recital Roses
and Bouquets
Roses and Bouquets for Recitals
Roses for recitals delivered

wholesale chocolate covered strawberries, roses 
and floral chocolate 
covered strawberries for anniversaries delivered image gallery of chocolate 
covered strawberries vast selection of delivered 
roses fresh chocolate strawberries and roses delivered
Strawberries & Floral
purchase wholesale chocolate strawberries
view more
 chocolate covered strawberries for patriotic events
You select chocolate type
Chocolate covered strawberries for 
See more Anniversary chocolate covered 
strawberries for delivery
45+ decoration styles
in your selection of chocolate types
From a dozen to 400
 dozen long stem roses delivered nationwide
long stem roses, see more selections
Berries w Roses
Selection of count, rose color and chocolate
fresh roses and hand dipped strawberries for valentines
other types of strawberries and roses for Valentines
Sugar free chocolate strawberries delivered
chocolate topped cupcakes
Roses for 
fundraising New Baby Boy or Girl chocolate covered strawberries Bride and formal groom Chocolate Covered 
No Sugar Added
(Sugar Free)

Sugar Free Chocolate Strawberries, made without added sugar
Sugar Free chocolate covered strawberries for 
nationwide delivery
With true chocolate
for Frosting
Purchase Cupcake topped in Chocolate for 
gifts and parties
See more chocolate covered items delivered nationwide
Fundraising & Events
Purchase roses for fundraising and events
Wholesale roses and chocolate covered strawberries
From a dozen to 400
order chocolate covered strawberries for newborns
Chocolate covered strawberries for new boys or girls
Formal Berries
Optional Gourmet Sides
Bride and groom chocolate covered 
strawberries delivered nationwide
See all Bride and groom chocolate covered strawberries for 
nationwide delivery

Why our Chocolate Strawberries Are So Much Better

Our Competitors

True Chocolate:

Gourmet Milk, White and Dark Chocolate,
made with cocoa butter. 

A premium  gift deserves premium

Fake Swizzle Chocolate...Real Milk, White and Dark chocolate is made with cocoa butter, fake chocolate is made with a substance that has been banned from restaurants in several states. We list some of the companies that are advertising chocolate but not using the real thing here.


The largest, freshest strawberries available, with leaves
and almost always long stem,  never frozen, 
no preservitives.

Premium fruit for a premium gift.

Leafless Strawberries... One of the companies that operates under five different names and does not use real chocolate has been documented as shipping strawberries without leaves: not what their website shows at all.

Each opens a new window:
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Chocolate Selection:

Your selection of rich dark  chocolate,  creamy white
chocolate or decadent milk chocolate.

All you have to do is hit the arrow
to select your favorite chocolate types.

No Chocolate Selection... A premium gift deserves a certain level of customization. When a company does not let you select it's a sign they don't value your preferences.


Our custom designs are paper  thin, just a little food
coloring. 40+ different themes from birthdays
& romance  to holidays.  

No funny taste, we can even make berries with your
special message or corporate logo.

Chunky, Chaulky Cake Decorations... Have you ever tried to bite through one of those?


We dip all of our strawberries the day they ship
for overnight nationwide delivery.

Strawberries and flowers are very perishable, that means they go bad quickly.

Premium gifts deserve a higher level of service.

Planned Multi Day Delivery...  When a company ships for Monday delivery that means they left their location on Saturday (FedEx and UPS are closed on Sundays), rather than getting a package overnight you are getting one that is several days old.

Other companies try to use cheaper 2 or 3 day service all of the time, the end product is just not as fresh.


We ship so  that most packages  are delivered
before noon, this higher, level of service
gets the packages delivered sooner
with less chance of problems.

Other companies charge a surcharge for this higher level of service, but the sooner the package is delivered the less chance something will go wrong, even on days where there are weather or equipment problems with the carriers: these packages get delivered first.

Free Shipping... also known as the Easy Saver Scam...  using the lure of free shipping to trick you into signing up for a service that bills you about $15 monthly, this and similar actions have spawned several class action lawsuits.

FTC regulations prohibit companies from raising prices and deceiving people into thinking it's free or running "free" specials for more than a short time, but all sorts of companies ignore these regulations with little or no enforcement from the FTC.

Credit Card Security:

We do not keep a copy of your card, it's the safest
and smartest way to do  business.

All credit card data should remain safe both for premium
gifts and any other purchase.

The easy saver scam (see free shipping scam above) gives your credit card information to a third party.

Every few months you hear about a company that was hacked and that customer credit card data was lost, since we don't save your credit card data this can never happen.
and so much more, fresher flowers,
gel packs and discounted
overnight shipping are
just some of  the reasons
to shop with us..

Religious Discrimination... the Muslim owner of a heavily advertised gift company actually prohibits his Christian store owners from taking off Sunday while he allows the Muslim Store owners to have Fridays off: blatant religious discrimination.

Our competitors? Sadly the opposite of what you would expect.